3. SOFY conversations - #imnotdown

Sofy conversations - #imnotdown



We spoke to three women on their period, about their period. What happened next will make you question what we've been saying and believing all our lives.

Sofy Conversations #imnotdown

Girls have grown up saying “I’m down” when they get their periods. By saying we’re down, we end up believing it. We write off five priceless days in a month instead of living them up like we should. It’s time to question what we’ve been saying mindlessly for years .Let’s start a fresh conversation.

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Sofy conversations - Poetry Slam #imnotdown

Sofy Conversations - Poetry Slam #imnotdown

Rene Sharanya Verma responds to #imnotdown with an open letter to all girls on their periods. 
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Sofy Conversations - Sing along #imnotdown

Some things are better sung than said. Kavya & Khyati tunefully respond to #imnotdown

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