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Stress can cause shoulder stiffness and neck pains

Many women suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders due to stress. Psychological tension is not unrelated to physical tension, in particular to tense muscles. When muscles are tense for a long time, it leads to poor blood circulation, which causes symptoms such as stiff shoulders.

In addition, if your job demands desk work such as sitting all day in front of your PC, the strain on your neck and shoulders can often cause chronic shoulder pain.

To relieve a stiff neck and shoulders, you need to improve your blood circulation and relax tense muscles. Methods for self-management to relieve such tightness include doing exercises to stretch your muscles and taking hot showers to improve blood circulation around the shoulders and neck.

Various products for relieving stiff shoulders, such as hot compresses that you can warm up in the microwave and place on the shoulders, or far infrared mats you can use in bed, can also help.

Shoulder exercises / Neck exercises

Shoulder exercises / Neck exercises

How to manage your stress

Let yourself rest and recover from fatigue

We all live with stress to some degree. However, recovering from stress takes time when you are exhausted, and this means your stress can keep building up. Too much stress can result in you experiencing certain symptoms, as it harms both your body and mind, so make sure you give yourself a break before things go too far. It is important to relax and get a good rest by, for example, taking a trip to hot springs, when you can find a break in your busy schedule.

Getting enough sleep is critical

Make it your priority to get a good night's sleep when you feel stressed. Sleep not only lets your body rest, but it also lets your mind recover from fatigue. Otherwise, without enough sleep, both your physical and mental fatigue will remain unrelieved by the next day.

If you have trouble falling asleep, why not soak yourself in a mildly warm bath for a while before going to bed? It is more difficult to sleep when your body is chilled. If you are too busy to take a bath, foot bathing is effective enough.

Listening to some calming music like a lullaby might also help. They say that listening to classical music or sounds from nature, like a running stream, has the effect of relaxing you to sleep.

Find your own methods to relieve your stress

It is important to relieve your stress regularly before it builds up. Find some suitable methods you can practice daily to relieve your stress, such as getting a massage or taking a hip bath.

Sports and exercise might also relieve stress. Get some exercise at least once a week to refresh your mind and body, especially if your job requires you to do long hours of desk work.

The best way to relieve your stress is to do something that you really enjoy, whether it is having some hobbies to enjoy and work on, talking with your best friends or taking a trip or going to a hot spring for a change.

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