2. Menstruation
  3. Things to Keep in Mind for Your Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene Tips, Precautions

Menstrual Hygiene Tips, Precautions Menstrual Hygiene Tips, Precautions

Sometimes it is difficult to carry on with your usual routine during menstruation due to cramps and irritation. Although women tend to experience unpleasant symptoms during their period, it is not actually an illness. You just need to give a little thought to learning to live with your period more comfortably.

Keeping clean should be your first priority during menstruation!
Change your sanitary pads frequently

During your period, please make sure you change your sanitary pads frequently, even on a day when you have little menstrual flow. If you do not bother to change it for a long time, the dampness there could, for example, lead to getting a yeast infection. Try and change pads at least once every 3 or 4 hours, even on a day when your menstrual flow is light.

It´s okay to bathe in a bathtub during menstruation

Some people believe that you should not bathe in a bathtub during your period. This is not a problem if the water is clean. It actually helps to improve blood circulation and alleviates menstrual symptoms as a result. You can use a tampon when you are in the bath if you are worried about heavy flow on day 2 or 3 of your period.

Even if you feel sluggish during your period, try to wash daily, even if only by taking a shower, to keep your privates clean of all menstrual flow.

Refrain from sexual intercourse

The vagina is susceptible to infections during your period, becoming quite vulnerable and open to bacteria and viruses. So you should refrain from having sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Rest well and eat well

Keep an iron and protein rich diet

Keep an iron and protein rich diet

Since you are losing blood, you are susceptible to anemia during menstruation. Don´t push yourself too hard, and try to keep a diet which includes iron and protein rich foods. There are some old wives´ tales that you will menstruate more heavily after eating chocolate, but none of them have been medically proven.

Refrain from indulging in cold drinks, alcohol, or smoking

It is better to avoid cold drinks or spicy foods during your period, as they are likely to upset your stomach.

Alcohol increases bleeding. So please refrain from drinking too much. Smoking, on the other hand, contracts your blood vessels, which results in intensifying your menstrual symptoms. We recommend that you refrain from both drinking and smoking.

Keep warm to alleviate menstrual pains

Poor blood circulation causes pelvic congestion during menstruation. Take precautions against poor circulation and keep your body warm. Keeping warm helps improve blood circulation, thus alleviating menstrual pains. Try and find ways to keep your stomach and lower back areas warm. Take your time enjoying your bath with aromatherapy products, or use warm pack pocket warmers, for example. Far infrared mats are also quite effective in keeping you warm.

Rest yourself well

Low levels of female hormones during menstruation might not only affect the uterus but also various other parts of your body in various ways. They may cause nosebleeds or diarrhea in some women. Although it varies for each person, symptoms tend to appear where the individual is most vulnerable. Your entire body´s defenses are down during menstruation, so make sure you rest well.

Exercise within limits

Light exercise and massage help relax your body and improve circulation. As we mentioned before (in the sections for menstrual pain and PMS), light exercise and yoga are likely to alleviate menstrual symptoms.

If you exercise regularly, you can work out as usual when you are feeling fine during your period. However, don´t push yourself and do take a break if you are not feeling too well and are suffering from a stomach ache or anemia.

It is important that you listen to what your body is trying to tell you, and pace yourself accordingly.

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