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All you want to know about periods

All you want to know about periods All you want to know about periods

Your first period

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Some of my friends have already gotten their first period, but I haven't had mine yet. Is it true that your first period will come late if you are short or skinny? I'm worried that I may never get mine.

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Your first period is called first menstruation and when it starts is different for everyone. Some get their first period when they're pretty young and others start later.

Age when girls get their first period

Most girls get their first period when they are between 10 and 13 years of age. Although your height and weight may be used for estimating around what age you will get your first period, some girls, even if they are tall, don't get their first period until much later. Everyone is different when it comes to getting their first period. Be prepared in case your period starts when you least expect it.

What's it like to have my first period?

What's it like to have my first period?

Some girls start experiencing vaginal discharge before their first period. Some get their first period without getting any sign at all. For some girls, their first period may be a little brownish discharge on their panties or slight bleeding. You don't usually bleed that much when you get your first period, so don't panic.

How about boys?

Just like girls have their first period, boys experience their first ejaculation. The first ejaculation occurs when sperm produced in the testicles is released from the penis. This is known as semenarche. Boys experience their first ejaculation around the same time girls get their first period.

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School nurse

If you don't get your first period and are worried about it, you can always talk to your parents or guardians. If you're worried why you are not getting your period too, just remember everyone is a little different.

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Okay, I don't have to worry about not getting my first period yet. I'm a little worried that everybody but me has gotten their periods, but I'll try not to compare myself with the other girls.

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