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Periods, About Girls First Period

Periods, About Girls First Period Periods, About Girls First Period

What is a period?

What is a period?_1

Now I know that I'm growing into an adult both inside and out. Is it just the shape and function that change? I heard that I will have a period and bleed. What's a period?

What is a period?_2

School nurse

As your body develops, it prepares for having a baby in monthly cycles. If a little life doesn't start to form during this cycle, your body will discharge things your body no longer needs. This cycle is repeated every month. It is called a period, or more precisely, menstruation.

Why do I have periods?

Why do I have periods?

Having a period is a sign that your uterus is growing into that of an adult woman so you are able to have a baby. It's proof that your body is growing into the body of an adult woman. So don't panic when you get your period, just feel confident that your body is developing exactly as it should.

What makes it different from normal bleeding?

Bleeding during a period is called menstrual bleeding. Blood containing part of the membrane lining of the uterus wall is discharged outside your body through the vagina . If a baby doesn't start to form, things that your body no longer needs will gradually leave your body. Menstrual bleeding is different from bleeding due to an injury or when you get a bloody nose, so there's no need to panic when you get your period.

What is a period?_3

School nurse

Girls get their first period when they are 10 to 15 years old and will have periods until they are around 50, so you should know all the facts about periods.

What is a period?_4

The female body is so magical! I have been a little scared since I heard about the bleeding, but I'm relieved because now I know why girls get periods. It's important to get the right information.

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