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Girl's Mind Changes During Puberty

Girl's Mind Changes During Puberty Girl's Mind Changes During Puberty

Girl's Mind Changes During Puberty

Girls experience changes in their mind during puberty just like they experience changes in their bodies. These changes are different for every girl, but generally her thoughts turn more to herself, her family as well as her friends and she starts to worry about many different things.

Here are some of the worries your daughter may have.

Worries about her body

  • My breasts have started to develop, but I don't want anybody to notice because I'm embarrassed.
  • My friends' bodies are becoming more adult-like, but I'm still a child and don't seem to be growing.
  • Hair has started growing under my arms. I'm not sure if I should shave, but I'd be embarrassed if my friends were to notice it.

Worries about her emotional state

  • I love my parents but why do I get so irritated when I'm with them?
  •  When my parents treat me like a child, I get angry because I'm not a child anymore.
  • I started to become more aware of a boy whom I've never given any special thought to before. Now I feel embarrassed to talk to him like I used to.

Adolescent girls also have other worries that are unique to that time of their life when differences between males and females become more pronounced. A girl may have something that she can't tell her parents about (secrets), or may have been teased about her period by boys in her class. During puberty when a girl's body is changing, her mind is changing as well. This is an important stage of her life when she establishes herself as an individual. Use the tips for coping with your daughter's changes that can be found on the next page as a reference and nurture her as she grows.

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