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Girl's body Changes during puberty

Girl's body Changes during puberty Girl's body Changes during puberty

Girl's body Changes during puberty

A girl's body gradually grows into the body of an adult woman, her breasts develop and her body fills out. Keep a close eye on changes in her body and watch over her growth.

Hormones are behind all those changes during puberty

Changes in female hormones

Changes in female hormones

Female hormones cause a girl's body to change into a more womanly body. During puberty, a girl's brain sends commands to release female hormones that cause her ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone. These female hormones cause her body to gradually change.

The changing body during puberty

Her breasts start to develop

During puberty, a girl's breasts begin to grow as the mammary glands and mammary ducts develop and fat builds up around them. If your daughter says her breasts tingle at the tip, that's a sign that her breasts are starting to develop.

Her body starts to fill out

Her pelvis starts to develop and her hips get bigger. When the difference between her waist and hip widths gets bigger, her body becomes more defined. Her body builds up more fat and becomes rounder overall.

Body hair starts growing

Hair starts growing under her arms and in her genital area. The first hairs are straight and soft. As she develops, the hair gradually grows longer and curlier. She starts to grow hair under her arms several months after her pubic hair starts to grow.

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